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Due to its great chemical and physical properties, titanium is widely used in many areas such as coating, medical device manufacturing and aerospace. As a special material in titanium industry, high purity titanium is indispensable in certain applications. CRNMC serves various industries with different forms of high quality titanium products, including ingots, mill products and also powders and crystals.

Semiconductor industry

Ti is one of the four key materials (Cu, Al, Ta, Ti) in the PVD process of semiconductor manufacturing. CRNMC supplies high purity titanium ingots and billets (4N5 and 5N) to semiconductor sputtering targets manufacturing companies.




Vacuum coating industry 

Ti is also one of the most important PVD materials in coating industries such as LCD industry and functional glass manufacturing. CRNMC also provides high purity titanium sheets/blanks and tubes to downstream sputtering manufacturers to make planar and rotary targets.




Precision alloys

Ti based alloy shows great mechanical and chemical performances, which is widely used in aerospace and aviation industries. The CRNMC electrolytic titanium crystals contain extremely low interstitial elements, which is well-suited for precision alloys.




Powder metallurgy

Powder metallurgy is relatively low-cost method to produce titanium products. CRNMC produces high quality HDH titanium powder which can be used in MIM, powder sintering and other powder metallurgical manufacturing process.